A new venture from Perceptico is set to launch this December.


Live Streamed Content

People watch 3x’s longer, are 51% more likely to take an action, and spend 88% more time on your website. 

People desire transparency and authenticity from advertisers and brands, which is precisely the feeling live-streamed content delivers due to its personable and spontaneous feel. A recent study by Livestream found this to be true, with 80% stating they would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% saying they prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Our Live Capabilities

We offer everything from fully produced streams to studio and equipment rentals.

In our 1900+ sf studio, we can host and stream any event you can think of, with a capacity of around 60 people. Our level of involvement is up to you. We can produce your entire event, follow your direction for a self-produced stream, or just rent you the studio and equipment.

Our facility includes...

• A bonded network to stream your event in full HD without a hiccup.

• Should the need arise, our facility also includes a fabrication shop for building custom sets.

• A live production switcher with up to 7 cameras.

• House PA, audio, and media players.

• A variety of furnishings to tailor the space for your needs.

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