Our Mission, Vision, and team

We are storytellers.


Several years ago I began work on a documentary intended to expose Christianity for what I honestly thought it was - simply a way to control people. During this process I learned not everything is as it seems, and maybe I am a person of faith... Maybe.

We started Perceptico in July 2014 to help progressive faith communities tell their story more compellingly. Our goal is simple: to connect people living on the fringes of faith with communities who will accept them as is – with room to doubt, be loved, and grow.


My experiences have taught me that in today's culture you are not defined by what you do or believe, you are defined by what you are perceived to do or believe. Often misconceptions are stronger than the truth. So, we build perceptions.

At the heart of it all, Perceptico is a storytelling agency.  We tell compelling stories of faith through stunning visuals, vibrant identities, outstanding websites, and perception building content.


Jonathan McClung
Simply a Seeker

 Learn more about my faith experiences on  Simply a Seeker.

Learn more about my faith experiences on Simply a Seeker.


This is our team.