Our Mission and Vision

We deliver results.


Here’s the harsh reality that many business people are finally coming to terms with… Like’s and shares don’t deliver clients. Sure, a killer Instagram following will impress your millennial offspring, but social currency doesn’t pay the bills. You can’t even pay your taxes with social currency ­– believe us, we’ve tried.

The best way to market your business is to do something great and make sure everyone knows. How do you make sure everyone knows? Glad you ask, that’s where we come in.

Perceptico is a full-service creative agency from the Pacific Northwest. We create perfect brands, vibrant identities, outstanding websites, and engaging marketing plans. Most importantly, we deliver measurable results for our clients.

Our name comes from the one principle we founded our agency on: In today's culture, you are not defined by what you do or believe, you are defined by what you are perceived to do or believe. Often misconceptions are stronger than the truth. So, we build perceptions.