Episode 03: Qualified Leaders

My daughter started high school this week, and so I have been reflecting on my own high school experience. Admittedly, high school was terrible for me, and I had a hard time putting on a brave face for my daughter – who was beyond anxious!

I don’t feel like going into much detail here; I’ll save that for a later episode. However, I will say that my teenage years were certainly more challenging than they had to be, thanks to some very poorly trained Pastors.

I used to think that I had bad luck, but it turns out my story is way too common. In fact, the next time you’re annoyed by someone who claims to be “spiritual, but not religious,” ask them about their youth pastor. You’ll get the picture pretty quick.

I’m not saying seminary is perfect, and I’m sure there are ways to improve the system. However, I am begging you to maintain a high standard. We’re talking about people’s lives! 

Jonathan McClungComment