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Let me start with a disclaimer: This is not a blog about how to grow your church. If you’re looking for “6 Ways Churches Can Reach Millenials,” you’re in the wrong spot. 

I also want to be clear that in no way am I a religious leader or directly associated with any denomination or group. I’m simply a seeker who has just begun to find life-giving faith in the last place I ever imagined – mainline churches.

Through some strange series of events, I've found myself making a living by doing marketing work for progressive faith communities. I really love what we do and I am very passionate about this work. However, I recently came to the realization the reasons I fell in love with these churches are often missing from our work. More or less, this blog is about that.

Take websites for example. When we build a church site, these are the things that go front and center: a statement of faith, worship time and location, and pictures of young families.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, and they’re certainly important to have on the website. However, we can’t just assume everyone is looking for a church. I know I wasn’t…

On Simply a Seeker I want to tell you about how God captured my heart through your work. I also want to challenge your perception of where “church” begins and ends. 

Chances are some of my thoughts and ideas will offend you, but I hope those instances will create learning opportunities for all of us. I know that I’m not always right, but you probably aren’t always right either. Through this exercise, I hope we can all learn to see things from a different perspective.


Jonathan McClung           Simply a Seeker

Jonathan McClung          Simply a Seeker



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